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I have ₹10 lakh with me. want just monthly interest
I got ₹10lakh. selling small part of my land. I'm not a risk taker and so I don't wanna invest in some business. I just want to get monthly interest. so in which bank and which scheme I should put my money?
In Miscellaneous  -  Asked by pradhyu -  9 years ago

Best Answer:
The correct name of this Co. should be "The Kerala State Financial Enterprises Ltd." This is a Govt. of Kerala Undertaking and deals in CHIT FUNDS mainly.
9 years ago - By Dhule

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Answer 1.
The Kerala State Financial Corporation Ltd., Regd. Office: BHADRATHA, Museum Road,Thrissur-20 (Kerala State) gives 10% p.a. interest on deposit payable monthly. Before investing in their fixed deposit scheme please ask them in writting to give confirmation. However company deposits cause headache as management do not do whatever they said. You can go to any nationalised bank for fixed deposit for 5 years requesting them to pay monthly interest which may be slightly lower but safe. After that period you can again renew your deposit, if desired. Money can also be taken in between if needed.
9 years ago - By Karmarkar
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