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I want to fix deposit 1,00,000 for 5 years. How much I will get back as mutured amount after 5 years
What is the current interest rate for fixed amount at SBI
In Fixed Deposits  -  Asked by Prabir -  1 year ago
Answers (2)
Answer 1.
Deutsche bank can be a good option as it is currently paying highest interest on Fixed deposit for 5 years i.e. 9.50%. You can also opt for Union Bank of India, State bank of Hyderabad, Dhanlaksmi bank or bank of india. Even they have higher interest rates.
1 year ago - By Simran Kaur
Answer 2.
Visit to know about the details of fixed deposit schemes of state Bankof India.
1 year ago - By Tulika Bhahuguna
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what is the bank interest rate for fixed deposit
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